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UltraBeef Ultrasound Services strives to bring you top quality carcass ultrasound images, offering producers the opportunity to select for improved beef quality and carcass merit throughout various breeds of cattle in western Canada.

Carcass EPDs are common in this era where more economically important traits are being added to national cattle evaluation programs. Traditionally, carcass traits were evaluated solely using progeny tests. One limitation to progeny testing is, of course, cost. Also, for bulls to be evaluated in such a program, they must produce progeny on which carcass data are collected. This is a process that begins when a bull is, at a minimum of 13 to 15 months of age for breeding and concludes with his progeny being harvested near 15 months of age. Therefore, bulls are normally 3 to 4 years of age before carcass data are available from his progeny to be incorporated in national cattle evaluation. A more efficient method would provide more highly accurate carcass EPD on bulls at younger ages.

Ultrasound offers the opportunity to enhance carcass EPD accuracy so that effective selection, mating and marketing decisions can be made with regard to improving carcass merit. Most breeds have extensive carcass and ultrasound databases used to implement national or even North American carcass evaluation programs. It is important for breeders to understand the benefits of ultrasound data and national cattle evaluation for carcass traits. Moreover, in the genomics era, ultrasound records will be critical as the phenotypes to not only produce useful genomic tests, but also continually recalibrate these tests. Producers are encouraged to contact their respective breed associations or beef improvement groups for more information.

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The Procedure


Shari Beamish

My enthusiasm for the agriculture industry started at a young age. In 1995, my family slowly diversified from grain farming to a mixed grain and commercial cattle operation. We started with Red and Black Angus cross cows and use Black Angus bulls for breeding. Shortly after, I started my own commercial herd consisting of Black Angus cows with Chianina and Simmental influence. In 2000, I started my own small purebred Black Angus herd, purchasing heifers from Swindon Ranch. With a start in the local 4-H beef club, I soon became involved in showing beef cattle, acquiring judging skills, and of course learning more about the agriculture industry. When I started my purebred herd, I joined the Manitoba Junior Angus Association where I took part on the board and participated in as many shows and junior functions as possible.

In 2005, I received my diploma in Agribusiness from Lakeland College. The same year I participated in The National CUP Lab and Technology Center (Walter and Associates, LLC) carcass ultrasound training, purchased the equipment in the summer and gained my certification in Georgia that fall.

I am frequently asked how my interest for the carcass ultrasound business came about. My awareness for this industry started in 4-H with one of my favorite competitions being our club's carcass class. My family and I were always eager to see how our steer's carcasses turned out. This interest continued in college throughout courses where we learned specifically about the North American grading systems and the details of feeding beef cattle.

Most recently, I have moved to Maidstone, Saskatchewan to operate Big Gully Farm with my fiancé Lance Leachman. The farm is a purebred Hereford enterprise comprising Horned & Polled animals that are exhibited nationally and marketed through an internet sale and by private treaty.

My other business ventures include my position as a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director where I continually enrich women’s lives with the products and business opportunity we offer. Furthermore, I have taken on the role of Western Canadian Sales Representative with LiveAuctions.tv in which I travel through Western Canada providing internet bidding capability at cattle sales.

In closing, with regard to ultrasound I constantly strive for superior image quality and enjoy educating and assisting producers with this ever-growing and advancing technology. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to discuss the opportunities carcass ultrasound can provide you.

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